Tom Lehrer - Fight Fiercely, Harvard!

Q: Does the Harvard University Band play this as an actual fight song?
A: Maybe. Possibly. Yes.

Q: So do you do it, like…ironically?
A: Ever since we went to college we’ve been into this whole postmodern pre-ironic post-sarcastic sort of thing, you probably wouldn’t understand.
(It’s also a great song.)

Q: Wait, is this the guy who did The Elements song?
A: Maybe. Possibly. Yes.

Anonymous said: What do you guys do for fun other than play music?:)


Go to the beach! (And reenact LOST season DVD cover photos)image

Go to New York! (and reenact the daily New York ritual of making actual New Yorkers walk around us)

Go on ski trips! (And reenact the New York photo but with some people rearranged. Seriously, see if you can match them.)

Go to Mike’s Pastry! (and fight cancer. This is the band at Relay for Life. We just consider pastries to be an important part of that process.)

Do whatever this is! (Full disclosure: this is also Relay for Life.)


And, of course, fight crime.

Look, it’s time we were up front with you: The Harvard University Marching Band does not really technically march. Nor are we really technically called the “Harvard University Marching Band.” You just can’t say “HUMBa HUMBa” as well as you can say “HUBba HUBba.”

What we DO do*, as evidenced by this video: rock some sick drumline action. Foster a healthy love of tubas. Play 10,000 Men Of Harvard, the super-catchy, much-beloved, many-lyriced fight song that you’d best start brushing up on right about now. Bring down the house/stadium/theatre.

What we DON’T do: march in time. Negotiate with terrorists. Tell the tubas how much we love them, lest they get ideas above their station.

We walk, we talk, we play, we chew gum (not at the same time [okay, the percussionists do it at the same time]), but while we DO produce music of the highest caliber, we DON’T demand a high-pressure environment in which one wrong step spells disaster.

So breathe easy, and enjoy the video!

*Did you laugh? Don’t lie, we’ll know.

In which the Harvard Band makes way for ducklings, marches through the Boston Common, fights anti-semitism, and approaches children with caution

That Time The Harvard Band Got Arrested, or, It Was The Sixties, Okay? Everyone Got Arrested In The Sixties, Okay?

A brief word of explanation: where the Harvard basketball team goes, the Harvard band goes, too. Even - nay, especially - to far-off lands for NCAA adventures. And when the Harvard basketball team is victorious, the band feels victorious, too - even (nay, especially) if any ensuing expressions of victory should be snapshotted in the world’s greatest Candid Crimson Camera shot and then briefly launched into the troposphere of minor viral blogging fame.

If you ever see Pithy Bithy on campus this year, please call her that. She loves it.

The Harvard Band Is Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

A photoset in which the Harvard Band is - well, yeah.
We can’t promise that joining the band will make you good looking but we can heavily imply it and also actually promise it anyway.

(all photos courtesy of Sebastian Gomez, a man who spends a lot of his time taking really, really ridiculously good looking photos)


  • The Harvard Band playing Stravinsky’s Firebird,
  • The Harvard Band playing Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,
  • The Harvard Band playing that most beloved of fight songs, 10,000 Men Of Harvard,
  • The Harvard Band playing Good Time by Owl City and his Canadian friend Carly Rae Jepsen,
  • The Harvard Band slaying a giant yAleWhale of our own invention, OR
  • The Harvard Band, period

Then watch this video for all of these things AND MORE, not necessarily in that order.

Audition FAQs


You might guess a Tumblr that has existed for 24 hours would not already have questions, let alone frequently asked questions.

You would guess wrong.

Don’t tell the Harvard admissions committee you were wrong about something, and you will probably still get in.
Read the frequently answered asks below and you will definitely get in, to the Harvard University Band:
(and go here for even more information!)

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